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Please Join me in Welcoming Maximus Lenny Gutman to our Family!!!


Max weighted 8 pounds, 14.3 ounces and 21.5 inches long.

Check out the Photo Album.

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The photos have not been updated but if Alex ever picks out the pictures, I will take care of it right away!  So please tell her to choose!


If you are thinking of dating Denise, read this.

Update Notes:


09/12/08  Added new Photo Album with photos up until 8/30/2008

03/22/08 Added Max's Pictures

06/11/03 Added pictures from Denise's Pre-K Graduation

06/04/03 Added the funky cursor

03/04/03 Posted Alex's Resume!

02/26/03 Created an Oceanside Section

12/26/02 Added Pictures from Oleg's Birthday

12/17/02 Posted some Pictures from the company Christmas Party

12/13/02 Added Dating Rules for Denise

11/19/02 Added some of Mike's Pictures

11/19/02 As you see, Alex still didn't pick out new Photos.  Please ask her to choose some!



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